trials and tribulations

First, the minor annoyance. The husband has decided to take up motocross. Well, take it up again. He rode again for the first time in, ok, let's just say it, decades, and lo and behold he's found a new expensive sport! Oh joy, cuz what I want is another dirty smelly machine in one of my garages (two garages, four bays). I'm sure it'll take up hardly any space amid the snowmobiles and jeeps. But, I think I'm about to put a stipulation on it: no more new sports until I get a new bathroom.

You see, it's these little compromises that keep a marriage strong.

Now onto major annoyances:
I am determined to make this week a working week. In the last two months I've gotten very little done and I'm ready to move on and check some writing jobs off my list! I'm sure people waiting on said jobs are also ready for me to do so.

But, what with constant company, two darling children (cough cough), a distracted husband and demanding dog, what is a poor writer to do? Time to get creative with my creative time. I'm forseeing several early mornings or late nights in the following weeks. I'm guessing I'll stay up late just cuz they all seem to get up in the morning and start clamoring over breakfast and live entertainment options, never mind I'm finally making progress on a scene on which I've been stuck for months.

I'm a little bit behind on my reading for the zine, though not drastically. I'll hopefully spend a morning doing so soon.

Anyhoo, if I'm quiet out there in Pajamaland, you'll know why.

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