blogger reflection award

I just won an award! I'd like to thank Stephen Parrish for bestowing this honor upon me. He calls me his best sparring partner.

Yeah, well, why don't you come over here and say that to my face?

Heh. Just kidding, Stephen, you're the greatest!

Wow, my first award, and it works like a tag. I'm supposed to think of five bloggers who impact me. I assume Stephen is out of the running by virtue of a recent win, so I'll try to think up some others:

Crapometer, which is more a collaboration than any one person, but reminds me to be determined every day.

Barth Anderson, a fine writer with whom I am completely out of my league and completely at ease at the same time.

Conduit, whose writing just inspires me. It's also fun to imagine his sexy Irish accent.

Greg and Jack. Both from the way-back machine. These two taught me the spiritual power of the internet to connect us all. Literally. And they're both going to think that's really stupid.


I'm reading Ender's Game. Who knew that was such a damn good book. I wish I had read it way back when I was starting Sentinel. The guy turns training into art.
Note to self: read more. I just bought three more books for the nightstand: a dark fantasy about an alternate London, a regular fantasy, and Elizabeth George's book on writing, just because I like her a lot. I'm taking a couple to the pool today.


Death to the cave of spiders in my back yard. In my life I've faced many demons: wheelchairs, returning to jr high school as a teacher, people staring at me all the time. But spiders... ((never)). I hearby officially refuse to face down that fear.

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