what comes around goes around, or donuts for breakfast, anyone?

Imagine my surprise to find that my big machine broke itself overnight. And my IT guy is still asleep! So I'm typing this on my itty bitty laptop, which, granted, is cute, but little else. It's like that dumb, slow cheerleader at the top of pyramid. Now the fucking thing won't turn on at all and I reckon that's bad, eh? I'm quite annoyed because I just started the screenplay last night. I hoped to work on it since my goddamned dog woke me up so early. Now I can't retrieve it and, well, just fuckity fuck shit damn.

We had fun at the lake. I read all my stories for the zine, played on the boat, went out drinking with the girls, had a toofless guy buy me a beer and a harmonica player ask me to dance; you know, the usual.

I'm thinking of studying what it would take to teach some English or Writing at community college. My degree is in Elementary Education (I know, the idea that the state of KS would grant me regular access to minors is absurd) but I'm really leaning toward adult ed this time around. In other words, I've got the teaching bug again, now that I've got some topics I'm passionate about. More writing credits would be nice, but I can't get a response on my outbound stories. Jeez, what if the fate of the world hung in the balance or something?? Pokey editors. I'm sending out responses today to see if I can get some return Karma or something.

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