mcdonalds sucks

When I was at teacher school, we learned a theory (since proved as total bullhonky) that the smart, hardworking kids will pull the slower learners UP, rather than what actually happens, which is that dull students pull a class down. So, for those of you with no McDonalds in your life, be glad. McDonalds is the market equivilant of the dumb kid in class.

McDonalds service sucks.
McDonalds hires idiots.
McDonalds products suck.
McDonalds food is BAD for you, BAD for everyone, and the entire fast food industry is BAD for the planet because of its influence on trash food, trash packaging, trash marketing gimmicks (aka, Happy Meal toys), and just TRASH.
McDonalds didn't even give me a staw with my tea today. The McDonalds guy handed me my drink, but he gave me no straw.

His stupidity was eclipsed only by mine, demonstrated aptly by my driving away sans straw.

I now hate McDonalds. I did before, actually, but now I hate them more.

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