in our hearts

I had a good cry yesterday because the mother of a good friend passed away. She and my mom met through us, (kids are a great way to make friends, even adult kids, apparently) and both were the sort to never turn down opportunity for friendship. They even traveled to Australia together. Mom said her friend made the trip--whatever differences they had only enhanced the experience.

I got to take "the moms" to the Denver Art Museum a few months back. It was a fun day--kind of like those days as a kid when you get your parents all to yourself. Her analysis of the art reminded me that we can appreciate things on different levels.

She was sharp, intelligent, and witty--a thinking, loving person. She'd been a teacher, so she had that reassuring insistence about manners and ettiquite and grammar--one of those people who raise you up to her standard, despite her diminutive stature. She must have done a lot right in her life because she had several good friends who came to visit when she found out she was dying, and her grown sons and even her daughter-in-law were very close to her.

I will miss seeing her.

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