pray to wind god

I'm dragging my feet with writing. Basically, I'm doing anything but; I'm blogging, cooking, sorting toys, cooking, laundry, cleaning... (you know it's bad when I break out the vaccuum).

I don't mind not working on EXILED. I'm still thinking it through, and I know one I've got the why worked out around the what, I''ll go gangbusters. I've got the major plot points for our protags, just working out the antag stuff.

And I have the screenplay to bang out. 30 or so pages, with a plot all layed out. Some of it's on the phone, so that means dialogue, which always flows well for me. I'm looking forward to that.

It's Kaelin who's giving me fits right now. Why am I not surprised? He's always given me fits. He's an enigma, a guy who treads a knife edge between good and bad, and isn't open enough with himself to work out why. He's a thinker, but he's so private he's holding himself back, even from me, his creator. He's always been the most real of my characters, to me, at least. Right now I'm working on some sticky plot points that center on Kae, and I'm, well, damn it, I'm completely stalled. Flummoxed. Bugger.

The blasted wind isn't helping. 80 mph gusts, trees down in the neighborhood, the flowers are all dried out, family didn't sleep. I'm hoping I can water this arvo--it's supposed to calm down to a steady gale by then. I told the husband I slept well last night and he looked at me, completely deadpan, and said, "I know. I watched you do it." Would have been a fine night to have sex for hours, but damn, I was tired.

Today, at 2:30, my kid becomes a third grader. Remember that? Remember running out of school and thinking (or yelling) "I'M A THIRD-GRADER NOW!!"

Third graders are the best. I should know. I have one.

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