how low will you go?

I'm very excited because I just googled Alvringer and the only thing that came up was this blog! It's the main city in Exiled and I'm psyched that I actually came up with an original name that I like. Generally I make something up, find out it's in some old video game, and then I have to use something I don't like. It sounds stupid, but when your business is words, things must look right on the page, you know?

Still no big computer and we've lost all our aps. We suspect a microsoft patch. We hate microsoft, but we acknowledge their marketplace power like how Walmart has cheaper flowers than anywhere, even though they're not that cheap. The husband is in fits. I can't hold a candle to him in cursing when he's messing with a broken puter. His degree is in software engineering and he always growls, "I hate computers." Same as the bro, who's in the same industry.

The husband actually frightened our five-year-old when he shouted at the naughty computer. You won't hear me say much about my dad here, or in real life really ever, but one of my potent memories is Dad angry (not at me) and me scared. I'm frightened of anger, and I was surprised and saddened to see the same fear in her, because her daddy is just a big softy who loves her with wild abandon. But, anger can hold people prisoner better than any rope, and that's something daddies everywhere always need to remember. Mommies need to remember it, too, but daddy-mad is some powerful mojo. I think it's something a kid just instinctively knows.

I want the computer back cuz I have the ending, the whole meaning, to this story I've been sitting on all worked out and I'm eager to finish a draft without rewriting the first three thousand words. Maybe it would be better just to start again, though, knowing what I know.

I also started the screenplay story, of which I hope to have a draft finished by the time I head up to Chicago in late June. I'm writing it as a prose story first, and then I'm going to switch it over. Yeah, it's going to be a huge pain in the ass without formatting software. Anyone know of some screenplay freeware out there?

I think I'm having a garage sale on Friday. I'd rather go to my dental hygentist nazi lady and have her poke around for cavities. I'd rather have a pelvic exam. I'd rather have a stents placed in my veins. (Yeah, I've had that done before, and that shit hurts like a mofo.) I hate the people, I hate the garage, I hate the haggling and the small talk and the lookyloos, I hate the parents looking for nice clothes for kids who don't own carseats, I hate the early hours, I hate the dirty cash, I hate ALL OF IT.

Mostly, I hate the people, though. Inevitably, the door's going up at 8:01 and some fucking old lady who smells of cat food and acidic, thirty-year-old Chanel No. 5 hand lotion croaks at me, "Will you take a dime for this fifty-cent plate?"

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