happy father's day

I am typing this on my previously broken computer. Curses forever to Microsoft. May your blood solidify in your veins and your walls crumple around you. However, God Bless all IT guys. Not that the husband in in IT or anything like it (he's far to hot, and he smells good, too, most of the time) but he's mostly fixed

As predicted, I'm hungover today. As it's Father's Day, we have to do something the dad wants to do, which I think might involve washing a car (in true dadly fashion). I had to buy three shirts for him for presents since, as expected, he's sending two back. 21 years and you'd think I know what he likes to wear by now, but honestly, it's a mystery. I think he switches it up just to confound me.

It's friggin' beastly hot here suddenly (though maybe I'm too dehydrated to sweat) . At any rate, no pool for me. I'll head there this week, but it's too much for today. I've been there three days in a row. Last night I got asked if I was Mexican. Happens every year; albeit, not usually by mid-June. I'm just darkening up quickly this year. Yup, every year this white girl gets to experience a little vague discrimination. I also get the other end of the spectrum--people think I'm exotic or some shit since I get so tan. You and I both know I'm pretty boring. I was, though, told I look ten years younger than I am repeatedly. That's always a nice ego stroke.

I do get to start Conduit's book today, among several other little jobs. Later this evening, when it cools off, I plan on settling on the back porch with the laptop and iced tea and start reading. Yea!

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