got a live one

My dog almost caught a prairie dog before we called her off it. My dog is slightly crippled. She moves ok, but she's missing a back hip joint due to an accident in her puppyhood. Anyway, this fleabitten prairie dog wasn't moving well, and it screamed when she cornered it. We didn't find any scratches or anything. They carry plague. Triple-Ick.

I'm properly hung-over after my girlfriend party, and I slept until NINE. I sleep late once every two months or so. It's awesome.

I think I'm working out what I want to do with Kaelin. Mostly, I'm really wanting to write on EXILED. I think my issues with Kaelin center around his remaining in control of his situation, and the choices he makes. I'm going to rewrite his scenes to make him more active and I think it will fly.

I think I'm going to see Marilyn Manson this summer--just lawn seats, cheap and relaxed. One of my friends is seeing the Police soon. They all brag on seeing Michael Bolton and the Fray. (Don't get me wrong; I'm sure the Fray puts on a great show. I just think it's a bit sloooow for me to watch live.) I'd like to like jazz and shit (I don't hate it live, but I loathe it recorded.) I really wish I could like older music better. I mean, I like 80s stuff just fine, but I truly like today's tunage better. I just can't help it. I can't be old, even though I am old, if I can manipulate that verb form for a moment.

Yesterday this slimy (oops, did I say that out loud?) dad questioned me all about my writing. It's the last day of school, I'm bawling because it's been such a great year for my kid, I really like his teacher as a friend, and they show this movie... Anyway, this fucker keeps trying to distract me by engaging me in conversation. (Typical boring writer-fascination ploy.) It seems harmless enough, but I've seen him at parties and he's...icky. He doesn't flirt in a complimentary way; he flirts in an "I'd fuck you if you gave me half a chance" way. Big difference. And he does it RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE HUSBAND, who, btw, makes an absolutely hot lawn boy. Sigh, shudder.

I'm off to the lake. Have a good one, everybody.

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