What can I say? I love this city. When I walk its streets, I feel at home, even though it's been 20 years and I need a map. My body knows what to do--my face falls into an expression of disregard and my gaze doesn't stray to the tops of buildings. One time my mom said that she ruined me for small town living by taking me to Chicago all the time as a child. No doubt. I'm a city mouse, to be sure. I still have that dream of living in a loft and walking everywhere.

We packed it in, the kids were troopers (even to the point of sitting in the Hard Rock Cafe watching videos and their parents getting drunk. Thank God they both like real music). They're both sick though. Isn't that always the way?

People are nicer than I remember. That's a bit odd. The lake, though, is exactly as I remember, wild as a one night stand. It's odd to see Navy Pier with stuff on it, though (malls and an amusement park). When I lived here, it was fairly bare. We used to walk out there as an adventure.

Now onto Door County and everyone's idea of a small hell: 15 cousins and siblings sharing one house, two bathrooms, and old, destructive patterns of behavior. I plan on putting a buzz on, sticking close to the husband and my bro, and keeping my head down. Long as I can sneak in an hour of writing every day, I should emerge with my sanity intact.

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