news from the gym

I haven't done one of these for awhile because, frankly, my gym has become the bastion for middle aged family men with bellies. They are "bald-headed shiny guys" as my daughter calls them. (I enjoy a well-honed pate, but maybe that's just me.)

Gone is Big Scary Guy (the inspiration for Sean in Hinterland). I don't even see Tricep Guy very often--but really, the triceps never quite made up for his slack-jaw. The Roman God still hangs around, but now that he's gay, I've sort of lost interest. Not that he isn't still hot and not that he wasn't always gay, but he's figured it out as well so he tends to just check out the rest of the gay contingency. He shouldn't bother. Most of them are coupled off.

And of course the Twins are still around as well. They amuse me because they're 21 now and they're just as eager to hang around the pool and drink as us mommies are. They won't lifeguard, though, because they both have like three jobs or something. I must say, they look even hotter than before--more developed, if possible. Of course, guys keep maturing into their twenties (I recall from the husband. The year he turned 21, the year we got engaged, he'd spent the summer in AZ. He came back to school tanned and confident and just thicker somehow--he'd outgrown his ganglies. I was all da-yamn, you be hot, son. He actually looks better now than he even did then, he's all built-out and his face is one of those that ages well. Sigh.)

There's another guy I see pretty often. I call him JCrew because he looks like one of their models, the "bad boy" option with longish hair. He's attractive and he's built--oh yeah, I've seen him in a swimsuit. (And he swims for a frickin' hour. He's very well-conditioned.) I frankly hadn't thought much about him until yesterday when he smiled. It was a passing grin, but it transformed him. It's right up there with my son's smile, which is the prettiest I've ever seen.

And, of course Ereq, who far surpasses them all. He is the inspiration for Ereq from my WIP Exiled. The guy just has a magic about him--the way he moves, his strength, his smile. I don't know that everyone would find him attractive, but he's interesting, which in the end is far more valuable than good looks.

As for the ladies, two of my acquaintances have gotten boob jobs. I've seen one (not too big, thank God) but the boys think the other one looks "hotter" with fake boobs, so I'm guessing they're pretty giant. The husband didn't seem impressed, but she wore a mashy sports bra so who could tell? Plus she's really thin and he doesn't go for that.

Eh. Got to remember to keep my eyes on their faces next time I see 'em.

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