grey days make for grey moods

I've had a bit of a break from writing. No guilt and no worry. I just needed a break due to stress and life.

I just finished Chapter 7 of Exiled. I'm not thrilled with the writing, and I still don't know the characters as well as I'd like. I want to know their insides, you know, what makes them tick, but they are mounting the challenges I give them and being stolid, silent types under the strain, like a couple of typical men. I think it's time for me to write the synopsis for the novel. I'm still intrigued by the story. Ideally, I'd like Ashetan to be a spoiled Paris Hilton type who has his world pulled out from under him. Spoiled types have useful qualities, actually, like stubbornness and the old "rules don't apply" attitude.

Ereq, he's different. He's more the quiet kid who got harrassed in school. He was held at arm's length at court and never was really allowed to amount to anything because of jealousy, despite his parentage and admirable skills. He has to work twice as hard to gain half as much, and still never gets the credit he deserves.

And Colwyn (working name) is the closeted, protected princess who never thought more of herself than the betrothed to the crown prince of an empire. She's smart enough to have thought of what that meant--the power it might afford her, but she's a classic pessimist (and usually right, btw) and her limited world-view undermines her intelligence. **note Colwyn's new name is Gwindeirin, Gwin for short. Never liked Colwyn much, and it's too close to Ashetan's first name, Coel.

The fun bit will be when Ereq and Ashetan start raising her little princeling together. That's when the influence from their parents will start to come out and cause problems. Heh.

Ok, off to lunch and to buy the new Linkin Park album and acquaintance Carol Berg's latest release.

I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking of our missing soldiers and their families. Godspeed home.

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