yes, this is me on 12 hours of sleep in the past three nights

Does anyone else hate how CNN switches back and forth between newscasters* to report stories* because America's attention span is too short to look at one face for longer than ten seconds? It's like watching Sesame Street for adults. Their stories suck, too, along with the coverage. The inane and the important get equal billing (actually, I think the inane may have it by some seconds).

And they banter. I loathe banter in the mornings. Just ask my husband. I want depressing until I've had my half-gallon of hot tea, thank you very much.

This morning, for instance, I listened to CNN report that the police in Britain are getting new hats. They showed a bunch of their police milling around a crime scene and then the newscaster* commented how it looks like they can't even see out from underneath them. Then the other newscaster* said something like, "Yeah, it looks like you have to wear them low to be cool." Or something to that effect.

OK, yeah, I'll say it out loud (I can because I'm a private citizen): We all know they look like penis-heads in those hats. But did they have to chat about how dumb they look on the national morning news? They even called them "bobbies" about ten times, like it was cute or something.

For crissake, does New Hats For Britain's Police Force even qualify as news?? How does it stack compared to, say, 104 American dead this month in Iraq? If you're wondering, it's only the 6th bloodiest month of the war for the US, though I have no idea where it ranks for the Iraqis. CNN doesn't cover that.

How did this story even come about? Did some editor say:

Hey! I have an idea. Let's make fun of the police force of one of our last real allies on the world stage! It'll be edgy and maybe even controversial. The PM will look grave and demand an apology, Bush will bluster and maybe invade, and everyone will mistake us for FOX NEWS.

*Loosest sense of the word

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