Actually, no, the husband doesn't have a Napolean complex. That would be me, 5 feet tall, driving a jeep I need a stepladder to climb into. While the husband is off driving over big rocks, I'm enjoying some whiskey and a few movies (as soon as the kids go to sleep).
I had rather a painful rejection today. I mean, I'll survive, and the rejection was very complimentary from a top editor at a pro market (it made the first cut, I guess, which means little to me because I've no idea how many cuts they've got) but they rejected it based on dark imagery and themes, basically. Yep. War is hell. I love how they had to read this particular story right after W.V. and we just lost 9 soldiers in one day. In this particular story, someone gets his head blow apart in the first line. It's over there
if you want to take a gander. I haven't read it in months until today--I'd forgotten how it starts. I still like it, even though (Conduit, you'll appreciate this) I used alright. And I also used all right. Shoulda just gone with aight.
I have to say, though, today was one of those days I was really glad to pick up my kids at school and just be a mommy. Tough writing day.
I must perservere, though. This weekend is a working weekend for me. I have so much to do: stories to send out, one to finish, an outline and a synopsis I really should send another round of Hinterland out the door as well. Plus stories for the zine--we're closed for this issue and I need to finish my inbox and then read all the stories in our voting box, of which I've only put a couple in. That means they won't be familiar and they take a little more concentration.
I got carded at dinner tonight. It's a bit of a lark. I mean, I was with my kids, for crissake. My son is 8 and nearly as tall as my shoulder. I mean, I DON'T look that young. I look at myself every day in the mirror. I should know.
I know. I should be grateful. Maybe he was just flirting with the new blondie sex hair.
Oh, and I'm missing Warped Tour since I'm going to be out of town. Bad Religion, Cute Is What We Aim For, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Vincent Black Shadow and a whole bunch of other bands to try... shit. Oh well. Even Yellowcard will be in Denver. I kinda hate them but my son thinks they're cool. He probably would have gone with me. I'm pretty sure none of my friends who went last time wants to go again after the mob scene at The Offspring.

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