people die

I have mixed feelings about the shooting at WV Tech. Of course it's a tragedy, something the people there will never forget. It will change peoples' lives forever--especially the families of those who died. For some reason, I feel a vague detachment. But then, I don't know anyone there and I've never been there, so it doesn't bother me in that sense. Maybe it's because the five people who died in Iraq yesterday got about ten seconds of airtime. More than twice as many people have died over there this month alone. I'm more curious about them than I am this particular shooter.

I really don't appreciate CNN's coverage. They're trying to find reason behind the madness. Here's an answer for you. Maybe he was, clearly, quite mad. I usually tend to feel sorry for the shooter as well. He died, even if by his own hand, but he died. He obviously was a disturbed young man, and that sort of thing always saddens me. I suspect the past made a place for disturbed young men (what with all the brutal hand-to-hand combat in wars) but there's no room for such a creature in our society nowadays.


Thank God the President and his wife went to comfort the victims. I wonder if any of them will scream, "Get the fuck away from me, Pigface!"

Where is he, anyway, while all the soldiers are dying? On vacation, probably.

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