new tunes and a hangover, too

I admit it, I'm hungover. I was out with some boys last night to celebrate a birthday, one of whom is my neighbor. He cracks me up. We're both turning...well, a significant age... within a week of each other next August. We're both dieting. (He because he's a soccer broadcaster and he starts TV next week, me because swimsuit season is coming and snowboard season has ended so I can let the muscles in my legs go a bit, which means I have to take down the calorie count).

Anyway, we're all admiring this woman's ass (look, it was slim pickings at the bar for men and women and it was a fine ass) and at some point he turns to me and goes, "You really are a man, aren't you? Like in a previous life or something."

True. I do think like a guy, I'm told. I mean, I can be girly, and all sentimental and crap, but mostly I have a lot of guyish bad habits like scamming on the opposite sex in front of my spouse and drinking too much (especially last night) and forgetting birthdays.

Incidently, the spouse claimed not to have liked the ass. My husband is a wise, wise man.

I did get some new tunes yesterday. Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, which I bought because they wrote a song about violence against women and it's a good song, too. Their sound is kind of like peppy punk--not as cheerful as Plain White Ts, though. I think I'm going to like the album just fine.

Also bought the new Good Charlotte. This is another new band to me, besides what's been played on the radio. But my favorite dj recommended the album, and I really like his taste in tunes. That Bailey, though, I can't stand her taste. And then of course the latest Rise Against, which I've been meaning to buy for eons. Ok months. Whatever.

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