It's a grey sort of day her in CO--a sweatshirt day. I actually quite prefer these days because the sun gets so hot and bright it strips the world of color. It's the difference between cupping your hand around a really fine diamond to see the facets and watching them disappear in full light. It rained just enough to make my hair wavy like real honest-to-God sex hair.

At the zoo the other day the birds had coupled off and made their nests. And I went to see a new baby last night. How cool to have an infant in spring, right before Easter. It doesn't make me want to have a baby, but it makes me want to do the stuff that gets you one. Most sex is awesome, but procreation sex is a step above.

I've lazed about somewhat with the reading and writing. I've done a bit of business, sent out queries on some short stories, made more submissions. I keep putting off sending more queries on Hinterland. Thing is, it's not so bad once I get going on making the packets. Today would have been an excellent day to do it, but the afternoon meandered away into dog walks and Target trips and Sentinel. Ah. Well.

Seen any good movies lately?

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