lovely day

Aight, I admit to being a wee hungover this morn. Too many pints at the pub, I'm afraid. I was picked up on by the cutest boy. He asked me to go skiing with him today, even after he knew I was married! I admit, I was tempted. However it's frickin' RAINING today, so I have no idea what conditions are like. They better be getting snow up there or I am going to be sooooo mad at God, lemme tell ya. Grass is greening up though.

Had fun with the band. I told this guy they were Irish Rock and then they proceeded to play set after set of their most traditional country-irish sounding stuff. They didn't even do Elvis. Weird sets, but these Wednesday night shows always are. Very small crowd, which makes it fun. Kilt-guy was there. Really, he needs to wear socks. There's nothing dorkier than a HUGE guy in a kilt with no socks and skinny ankles.

There are no pansies for sale in the immediate vicinity. Anyone besides me think that's weird? It's mid-March for crissake.

You know your kid is getting old when he actually wants his desk set up as a desk, not just a place to build forts beneath.

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