happy spring

I was at a party tonight and lo and behold! the name Brian Gage came up. He's this blog friend who's recently dropped off the map--presumably to write. Anyway, I recalled where I originally discovered Brian, which was through my good friend Inland's blog. Apparently, he's a nephew of some sort. In law. Whatever. I now have it on good authority that Brian is just as cute as I thought he was. Anyway, Brian, if you're lurking, I have signed copies of your books in my (borrowed) possession. My son is very excited to read The Saddest Little Robot. I'm sure all the societal satire will be right up his alley. It's Inland's husband's birthday today, and no, we weren't able to balance an egg. But then there was that whole debate on whether today really is solstice or not, so maybe we'll try it tomorrow.

Also, we E-spec editors found out we get to present at Colorado Gold Conference in September about e-zines, short stories, editing, and other joys. Should be fun.

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