happy monday

I actually took the entire weekend off from writing. When I get so much done during the week, I feel OK about it. Hopefully next week will be as productive as last. I'm hoping to get at least two stories out into the world. I also have quite a few stories in my inbox. That will make for some late evening reading, I bet.

We did go out for St Pats but the husband was sick AGAIN so I was literally a fifth wheel. It was OK. I really missed him though.

Right now all I can think about is snowboarding. It's been amazingly warm this past week and I'm praying for more snow. I realize I'm the only one in CO who isn't sick of it yet, but there you are. They must not snowboard.

For those of you trying to chat me, my yahoo chat isn't connecting for some reason. It's quite annoying. I'll putter around it tomorrow and figure out what's going on. Frickin' yahoo bastards.

Okeydokey, off to bed to read.

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