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Yesterday I queried an agent, got asked for a partial, and then got rejected (very complementary on the writing and premise, just not for him, per usual). All in one day! See, now that is the sort of efficiency I'm searching for in an agent. The husband asked me if I was sad cuz I got rejected, and I said I was disappointed mostly because the guy seemed professional and personable. I don't need an agent to babysit me or be my cheerleader--I just need someone decent and enthusiastic and professional. But I'm actually cool with it, cuz it will happen.

Rejection always makes you consider your work again though, and I've been doing a little trimming on Hinterland. Nothing significant (except the walk through the woods--Christ almighty 2 pages of frickin' tree descriptions!) but I still like the book. I still like Sean. It's cool to come back to your own work and find things you'd forgotten. I get all, "Shit I wrote that? I'm gooood."

Today is all about birthday cakes. Me baby turns FIVE tomorrow. FIVE. Her cake is chocolate with pink polkadots. I know, I play a good Martha Stewart. (I know you know who she is, but really, hit the link.)

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