My stomach is burning from the cold medicine and lack of sleep. Argh, and I forgot to buy decaf tea, which I live on when I've got a cold. Truly, I'm about to take this prescription stuff I had a year ago and bang out a couple of stories. The muse flowed; or maybe it was the mucus--I get those two mixed up all the time. Bah, today is all about business stuff anyway--submissions and letters. Time consuming but necessary.

I do some research for my husband's investment bank from time to time and they just wrote a proposal for a publisher wanting to enter the internet space. I'm not sure if that means e-pub or e-commerce;I know enough to be dangerous about both. I'd love to get paid to do more research on the topics. I think plenty of people read stuff online, but they prefer to keep it short. I mean, do you want to lay in bed and read a paper book, or do you want to sit at your machine--or even stare at a laptop on a sofa. I prefer my novels old style, and I prefer my short stories online. Of course, I spend hours on the computer a day, so to lay in bed and read is true luxury. Especially when the husband isn't snoring next to me. I really love that.

I just discovered Jake 2.o. Interesting show. The husband thinks it's dumb. I think it's interesting, fairly well-acted, and has better than average writing. There's always at least two concurrent plotlines running, personal and professional, and they clash enjoyably. My co-editor Lesley just wrote how stories should be about more than one thing, and I've realized how many TV shows only have one thing going per character.

Rome was good too. Good ole Pullo, sent to kill Cicero, does it the way only Pullo can. How can a guy be so likeable, yet a cold-blooded killer? They chat in a friendly way, he lets Cicero wait until he's ready (watching a bird fly slo-mo , feeling the sun on his face for the last time, blah blah) and then he drives his sword through Cicero's shoulder, just behind the collarbone. Afterward he tells Vorenus, "Nice man, that Cicero. Not stuck up at all." They had a nice twist about the battle, too. Overall, well done.

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