crazy like a fox

Maybe I'm crazy, but I just requested another story off a blog. Interesting that I just read through fourteen stories last night, most well-written but not right for us for a variety of reasons, and I find this one on crapometer. I have no idea if this guy is interested in selling, or if he's hugely published (I'd guess not; he's on crapometer) or what. But anyway, the request is out there, and the last one worked out brilliantly.

I've been revising revising revising. I need a day off. My head is spinning with scene viability and plot orientation and character motivation. I got me something like 100 named characters in this series. The crit group isn't cutting me any slack on this one.

I did a snowboarding jump down at the park and biffed it about ten times in a row. I'm sore! Nothing like falling in slushy grass. I was really wet, but at least the ground was soft. Why oh wy do I like snowboarding? Like I needed another avenue for failure in my life! Sheesh.

Except. That moment in the air is like meeting your husband-to-be for the first time. The world is suddenly full of possiblity...

right before it rushes up to meet you. Hard.

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