six days from sunday*******

Thanks to all the well-wishes about my hand. Considering I could barely do push-ups tonight because my neck is so fucked up, I'm ready to go. Now.

I am truly admiring this man lately. Not only is he hot and funny, but he's quirky in a good way. Writers are usually quirky in really annoying ways. Did I mention he's hot? Check out the pic if you don't believe me. He also has a damn cool looking website, which, as soon as I get the time, I will shamelessly emulate. I love how his blog is right on the first page. Worth reading, too.

Due to 'editorial pressure' one of my stories will be appearing in Espec. I'm not all that happy about it, but it is the perfect place for a horror piece about an editor to appear. It's flash and probably not saleable. I wrote it as a joke for the critique group, and it's gonna be down at the bottom of the page, which is where it should be. Our paid authors come waaaaay first to me. (Like this one. His story rocks!)

But that's what brought to mind the website. I really need to redo my piece of shit over at Tripod. I mean, it's not like I don't have contacts in the web design industry, for crissake. Hell, I could probably get a decent website and a year of help desk for a case of microbrew. Probably won't happen anytime soon, though. Oh well, I should eat better, drink four oz of red wine per day* and get a mamagram, too. Whatever. I'm putting the blog URL with the story. Fuck professionalism. Fuck convention. But play nice with any little readers who stop by, eh?

The weekend wasn't a total loss to the cold. I snowboarded in town, did a jump about ten times. Hmm. What else? Oh, I rolled the snowmobile.** Still not sure how it happened, but it put the fear of God into the husband. See, he really DOES love me! Actually, I could see his wheels turning: "FUCK, who's gonna feed me during her recuperation?!" I also had ala carte hangovers two mornings in a row. I'm officially in detox for, well... *** and got to know our very cool kneighbors**** better.

Inspired by this man, before settling down to revision on my first book, I semi-organized four years (and four books worth) of pictures, notes, drawrings, scribbles, glossary, and character sketches.

*and actually stop at just four oz*****
**yes, I'm fine
*** a few days at least
****the misspelling is on purpose. All their names, even the dog, start with a K.

******until the next episode of Rome. Pullo, Vorenus, Antony, I'm waiting.

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