happy new year

Pray it is, cuz the last one did not end well. The last of the first round of agents rejected me. My dog bit a kid. Ok, nipped, but not good, of course. She's been growling at other kids lately, too--very crabby. I didn't sleep well worrying over whether we could salvage her or have to get rid of her. My sled is broken. New Years was boring (I was asleep by 11.) One of the Broncos was murdered, after they lost the bid for playoffs.

This one, so far, seems a bit better. Woke up at the lake. Cleaned a bit, got off around eleven and snowboarded for a couple of hours. That was worth it; no lift lines and a lift operator told me my pass picture is hot. I've really got much better control of my turns and my speed is way up. I think my upper body is quieter too, but I'd have to go with someone to watch me to be sure.

My kid grinded his frist rail today, too. Sniff sniff. So proud.

I saw Eragon tonight with the kid. Uh, don't bother. It's PG for some violence, but I was insulted by the rating because it should have been downgraded for pure sappiness. The kid could act (considering the watery lines), the graphics were seamless enough for me, but even my kid kept leaning over to me and saying: "That's just like in Star Wars when..." and "Those guys look like the guys from Lord of the Rings." (No, he hasn't seen that movie, just enough of it to know that some of the characters look alike.)

Yep. Trope. Called by an eight-year-old.


I did like Murtagh though. Garrett Hedlund is one hot mutha. Black hair hanging in your face and a bit of eyeliner does a body good, boyo. Keep it for the clubs.

I suppose I should rant on about the death of Sadam, etc. I'm against the death penalty. All I got on it is: Death begets death. Why help it along?

I'm looking forward to work. The zine is due out at the end of the month, and my edits are due to my authors, like, yesterday. I'm revising an old book, drafting a new one, and I'm going to get those damned stories back in circulation. I also am going to send out the next round of agent queries, because, ah, yes, what is life without rejection?? I figure it has something to do with my nature. I fall down on the snow. I get up and snowboard. I fall down on the snow. I get up and snowboard more.

Ok, I don't really fall down very often, but you get what I mean.

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