I get publisher's lunch and weekly and it's always interesting. Like the whole "using your hands on your lover" book that recently sold. Hmm. Really don't think I'm getting that from a book. Porn, maybe. I'll be watching for the film rights.

I was at the lake and had the opportunity to go to the Lariat. A night of drinking for ten bucks is fun. (A token amount because we insist to pay SOMETHING.) One guy said, "I love it when your wife is here. She's so funny." I was looking around thinking I'm drunk, but I didn't actually talk to anyone, did I? I'm guessing I"m eye candy, which just gives me the giggles.

Watch me become 'da-beers' fan overnight. I lived in Chicahgo during my form'tive years, dey go to da superbol, and de're not up 'gainst da Broncs, I get to root. Fuck 'em who don't agree. I already have a superbowl party to attend and da-beers rock. Hell, I was there during da Fridge yeers.

Saturday was too cold to take the kid boarding. It's been cold and snowy here like crazy. I know what you're thinking "It's freaking Colorado," but really, to have snow not actually melt within some days is weird. I think under 20F is too cold, so we tubed and played and went to the fabulous Grand Lake Library instead. We had tre fun, while the husband dug out various sleds NINE times.

I'm reading about author branding. I see myself in black. What do y'all think?

Four days to the XGAMES. So long, fuckas!

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