beer-thirty on a casual wednesday

We went jeans shopping today. I seriously would rather buy swimsuits. I perfer myself naked, but what are you going to do? It's frickin cold and all my old jeans had holes in them. I did get gushed over by this chick with the most amazing hair you've ever seen. It's long, thick, luscious--what the heroine in your last novel had. Bitch.

Actually she was very helpful, and even found the husband some boring jeans appropriate to a hot man in his late thirties--no small trick at the Buckle.

Lesley, my fellow editor, interviewed me for the Electric Spec Blog. It's tongue-in-cheek since I so happily am putting my story up for display there, but seriously, she's a good interviewer. She pried some good lines out of James Gunn.

I'm off to the Xgames and you're... not? Hmm. See if you can manage to have a good weekend, then.

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