friday night

My dog is doing her best Lassie imitation, Woawoawoarrrr, Timmy's caught in the well! This way! Hurry!

It's cute in the movies; it's annoying on a Friday night when it goes on for a half-hour.

Tomorrow night is the Xmas party with the investment bankers. Woohoo! I'll update you if any of them do or say anything interesting, but I'm thinking it's a trophy wife sort of night. I did get the cutest shoes ever, just for tomorrow. See, I can do the trophy wife (oh, that kinda came out wrong)--just so long as I don't get started on the dark speculative fiction. I somehow think investment bankers won't be interested.

I've been listening to Unforgettable Fire by U2 all day. Don't you think I'd be tired of it by now?

I'm starting Chapter Five on Exiled. Chapter four will probably get cut or integrated; it's mostly backstory. But it was important authorial discovery and I'll sort it out in revision.

Mostly, I'm bored. The husband took the world-famous-soccer-player-neighbor up snowmobiling while I'm stuck at home with mumps.

Oh yeah, did I mention my kid got the mumps?

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