Heh. Made ya yawn, didn't I?

Did it again, huh? Sorry, I'll shut up about it.


I had my first nap in well over a year on Thanksgiving. Turkey coma. Had to be. Went out to the Lariat, had a fine time with Matt the Bartender:

"Did I hear someone say kamikazi? Fuck, lemme pour some up. "

"Oh, did I hear someone say whiskey? Fuck. Lemme pour some up"... you get the gist. Fine time had by all. Met some nice folks. God I love that bar. I know I've said it before, but truly, I do.

Sleds are tuned, I got some real mountain bites instead of shopping bites (long story) (ok, it's not, it's just embarrassing), and it also snowed like the devil up at the lake...LAST NIGHT--which meant I basically missed all the fun to be had since we had to come home. Bleh.

Oh, and it's officially the start of Xmas season, so ho ho ho and a bottle of rum.

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