the weekend

The lake this weekend was fabulous. If I'd had my board pants with me I would've done some back country boarding--the snow was excellent up on Berthoud. Tons of jumps on this sledding hill. My kid got to fire up his 120 snowmobile, too, but we didn't ride the big ones yet. Of course, PHF's is in the shop. Tuning this time, to make the thing go even faster. He looked at armor this weekend. "Can't wait till I'm that good."

I told him that we don't carry enough life insurance on him for him to be that good.

We had some celebrating to do, PHF's businesses are taking off in a big way. Pretty exciting. It's been a long year on a budget, let me tell you.

In other news, I spent over 80 bucks on socks, and I shit you not, my second grader just did two HOURS worth of homework tonight.

Christmas party, my house, December 2. If you're not some weirdo stalker (you know who you are) you can come.

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