rain rain go away come again some other day

It's raining here, temps dropping by the minute, and we're socked in with clouds. We're supposed to have snow by this afternoon, which will make tonight's Broncogame very fun to watch. Puts me in the mood to write battle scene in the fog and sleet.

Rain makes for writing weather, but I just have to be careful not to get the putzies. All that red ink on the pages in front of me should keep me on track. I'm happy with how the revision is going and I even drafted on a short story this weekend at the lake, just to prove to myself that I still can.

I have two projects I'm looking at next. One is begging to be written, the world and the characters are appearing by bits and peices in my brain. I'll be mid-sentence to the husband and then interrupt myself--"Hang on, I have to write something down." I also have an old book that needs to be revised. I think if I can get it into shape I can sell the damn thing, and the good thing is the series is written, just needs revising. So the next year will be interesting, trying to decide how to divide my time. I also still have short story ideas coming at me and so I might have to have Short Story Sundays or something. Actually, it's not a bad idea, write it one week, revise the next, final revise and submit the next.

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