progress takes the form of a break

Two days of no writing and I'm waking up regularly with plot points for the new book. I now know what the main plot is about, and it actually makes sense, for once. Each of my main characters are outlining their struggles in my head, to the tune of pages of notes, some note cards, and a map. Weird to know so much in advance.

I've also had a few brainstorms on Hinterland, little tweaks of flavor like wine gets after its breathed. The goal is to have this revision done by tomorrow and then I have to do an agreement run-through--make sure the days add up (they're working toward a particular holiday in the story) and check my moon phases as the book progresses. I'm very close and very exited to send it out (albeit a month late. Damn life holding me up).

I just banged out a flash fiction piece tonight that spooked even me (of course I scare easily), and I'm dedicating a page a day to my short story. No name as of yet, but the world and characters are too fleshed out to let it go. Now if an ending will come...

I just read an interesting thing in Spinetingler about an author who does a tour of going to bookstores and signing books and meeting the booksellers. That's pretty much the extent of his tour--he said it was about a half-hour and eleven bucks a bookstore. Pretty cool, and the booksellers are usually impressed. Signed books can be returned, but are much less frequently, and they often get displayed on the endcap for some time after he stops by. (The coveted real estate at the end of the aisle.) He's sold a lot of books that way--made the NYT best seller list. I like the idea very much.

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