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Taking a break here to write something easy--something other than a synopsis, that is. I'm happy with the progress of it, though. It's one of the easier ones I've written. My Ternion Archives series is difficult because of different POVs and a very complicated plot. It'll be a challenge when it comes time to sell those books. My goal is to get the first one in the hands of agents by spring--perhaps March or April, though most of it has to get through the crit group first. I want that book to be shorter! It's currently 110 K words and I'd like to see it at about 100. I've just about decided to eliminate a POV, but fixing things to get the info across will be difficult. Biggest challenge will be to fix the bad writing, though. It's a great story, it just needs real writing.

Setting a specific goal for querying has worked well for me in the past. I'm a few weeks late on this one, but mostly due to my crit group schedule. I'm not confident enough yet to send out anything without their comments. I'm going to take treats to next week's meeting. They've taken me through an entire book!

I put up my query, now adjusted, on Crapometer and got decent feedback. Next is the synopsis. I'm determined to keep it to two pages single spaced. Maybe I'll even throw it up here when I'm done. Nothing makes for more exciting reading than a synopsis!! Seriously, I'm so excited to get this one out there. Odd to be excited about querying, but I do love all aspects of this business. It helps that I had a very successful hard-copy revision. Lots of red ink, but it's adding more layers to the world and to the characters. My daughter said, "That's a sharpie. That's permanent ink. Don't get it on anything--it's just for paper." Heh. I guess I've had some influence in the world.

We've gotten some nice feedback on this issue of Electric Spec. I'm so glad. I edited three stories for the issue and I loved them all. And I just found a great one for next time. Love when those linger in my slush pile, just waiting to be discovered.

I also have my new book percolating. I'm going to have to split my time between drafting and revising my first book, I can see. I'm too excited about this new story to not pursue it pretty quickly, and there's nothing like making new friends to ease rejection of the old. :)

By the way, my mum is very angry (on my behalf, apparently) that no one has called me about my story being published. I kind of laughed it off, saying that everyone whose opinion I truly care about has read it already (had done before it was ever printed). A couple of people did call and email about it (not to mention the sidewise, suspicious glances I get from my friends now). Honestly, I'm so wrapped up in Hinterland that I keep forgetting to order the print version of the magazine. But anyway, she's mad. Just thought I'd let everyone know.

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