and then there were more

Words, that is. 2000 more, to be exact, because the critique group declared my climax, well, anti-climactic. I think they'll be pleased, since I did what they said. They did give me good ideas. I think they liked the cookies I brought, their reward for taking me through an entire book, though I noticed that they ate them before they gave me their critiques. :P

Arg. I'm so eager to be onto something else. It was so refreshing to draft something. Even though it was a taxing scene to write, it felt good to do just that. Revisions are taking their toll on my psyche.

I have an ear infection, too. The nurse asked me how long it had been since my last one. "I don't know," I said. "Thirty years, maybe?" Long enough ago that I went crying to my mommy and got baby aspirin and a hot water bottle. The good news is that I'm apparently not allergic to Zithro. I'm allergic to many anti-biotics, but no hives yet.

I read a very funny story lately and for the life of me I can't recall if it was a submission to the Zine or if it was somewhere else. Maybe it's a case of too many cold meds.

I've had a story submitted at Baen's for some months. I wrote them to see if it was still under consideration, and it is, though she said I could pull it and resubmit it at any time with no penalty (she'd put the same date on it as it originally had.) Isn't that nice? I'd like to see it in Baen's, obviously, and I'm busy enough with Hinterland to not pull it just yet. I need to think on it though. I love that story. Best thing I ever wrote.

Hmm. I was on cold meds at the time...

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