prey for change

Sorry I've been keeping my head down so much lately. Beyond my kid's homework, training for boarding, and a myriad of social engagements, (I am quite popular these days) I'm up to my ears in revisions what with the Zine coming out at the end of the month. My poor short stories, one of which I'm writing just for fun for my son, are suffering from neglect. This will be a working weekend, when I'm not drinking, which will be significant part of the time. If something funny happens at the pub tonight, I'll jot it here; if not, then you know I was too drunk to recall.

Ok, just kidding.

Ok, not really.

Happily, Spinetinglerwill provide some entertainment in my absence. My story, Prey For Change, is in their new issue. Go take a gander and tell me what you think. I wrote this story so long ago it's just plain weird to see it out there. The good thing is it should debunk my whole soccer-mom image nicely.

Speaking of, my kids' jersies are GREY and BEIGE this fall. You can't find a team in beige, trust me. THE GREY AND THE BEIGE is going to be the name of a story, some sort of slipstream horror tale where a coach loses her average-soccer-playing team to a pissed off evil spirit. Think ancient Indian burial ground under the soccer field.

And people wonder where I get my ideas. Sheesh.

Ok, back to Hinterland...

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