I'm off to a drinking-- er, writer's conference this weekend. Ok, so we'll drinka bit, but it's not like I'm bringing Orca the Killer Cooler. If we have a party in the room, we'll just put the beer in the tub.

Some of my favorite authors are giving talks, and there are two agent panels (good lord, one's at 8:30 am). It should be a fine time, especially since I'm hawking the new book. I'm desperately seeking my tag-line for my book, that 1-2 sentence answer to:

"What's it about?"

A contemporary bounty hunter seeks revenge, even going so far as to end up in a different world...

See, the problem is that I don't like the "different world" bit. It sounds too cliche, though it's fairly par for fantasy.

So how 'bout this?

A bounty hunter seeks revenge against the man who killed his wife and ends up unraveling an assassination plot against an enemy queen.

Sure, it doesn't mention that other world bit, which is pivotal to the voice and texture of the book, and it doesn't mention that Sean becomes the queen's champion, or the exploration of race relations, or even poor Sean's issues with his abusive father... But hell, read the damn book if you want all that.

And then buy it.

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