arg, matey, missed it again!

Four days of partying and I'm a mess. Wild, sordid times were had: the first french kiss I've had in twenty years that wasn't from my husband (and no it wasn't another guy--what do you take me for??), multiple incidents of groping, shots that burn all the way down, off-the-ground hugs, shouts and cheers for my kid who just scored his first soccer goal (I was out with his coach), stepping into the back room at Trilogy at five bucks a minute (ok, who the fuck knew they had a concert venue back there and never told me?) and new friends congratulating themselves for picking up a chick (me) on their night out. This is notable since their wives were along. Actually, I'd say the girls did most of the picking up, since I never had proven to my satisfaction that one of the guys has this fabulous, rock-hard body. That night was long on bragging, short on chest hair, if you know what I mean.

Happily, Hinterland is going well, fairly back on schedule. I've got her under 100K words, which was a major goal, and so far my new readers are enjoying it. My Electric Spec story edits are done and most of them are turned into production for our release date of Oct. 1. Yea.

And Sci Fi Con is coming up. Double Yea.

I'm seriously thinking of making a real website, not that paltry, stupid thing I've got up now. Maybe a picture and everything. I know, you'd all rush over, especially those of you who are here because you googled french kissing and groping.

I'm neglecting two short stories and a new book, but I'm saving all drafting for after the first agent letters hits the out box on email. I'm looking forward to getting back into drafting mode. Final revision is the tough end of writing, that gulf between work and play. I need a love affair. I need a new book.

Ok, my dog is eating something gross out in the yard. Got to go.

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