why all this? i dunno.

Do you like phone calls or email? Most people prefer one or the other based on their strengths. Verbal is not my forte. That's not saying I can't turn it on. I've been a teacher, so in front of a crowd, even when nervous, I can calm down and present myself well. I've had a customer service job so I'm smooth on the phone.

It's that one-on-one thing that I'm not so hot at. IMing, I'll say anything. Witticism flows like when I'm drunk. (At the three-beer mark, I'm damn funny. At least to me.) Thing is, when I meet people they expect that I can carry on one of those nice-to-meetcha convos. I can't. I suck at that. I don't know if I'm shy or what, but my brain locks up, my throat gets dry and that's that. People drift away.

I don't know why. In those moments I tend to hang back and observe. I do that a lot anyway. In bars I love to people-watch. People negotiating the social scene fascinates me. Most people mistake this for scamming. But I don't want to talk to you, just watch you. So go over in that corner there and do something interesting.

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