turtles like it slow

I saw two turtles goin' at it today at the zoo. If you dare, Google "turtle penis" and choose images. It's enough to make Thomas Tripod jealous.

In other news, my eldest neice moves into her new dorm room at KU next week, two new piercings in tow. Warning, much of what you read after this will sound hypocrytical, as I've got five holes in my own head, and downright old, as my late thirties climax next week. However, I don't like the lip. I got no real problem with nostril (hell, it's your snot), or eyebrows (I kind of admire them because plucking even one eyebrow hair makes me cry). But the lip? That just makes you talk funny. I've yet to meet someone with a lip piercing who doesn't talk funny.

Tomorrow I get to go see the Denver Grand Prix. PHF feels sure that if he can just get me to a race, I, too, will be passionate about watching cars drive in circles. Not a chance, but the tickets were free and they got cold beer, so, whatever. I'm wearing a strapless top so I can at least work on the tan.

The book is going swimmingly. I've got about 15 pages of new draft to write and 15 of rewrite to have a solid, completed draft in hand. I can't wait to get to revisions, because I have so many ideas on how to enhance the world and Sean's character. Bad news: I'm terribly behind on E-Spec reading, so many apologies. This weekend may turn it around for me, if I can get a few solid hours of work done each day. Thank the gods I'm a fast reader.

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