Greg has a twin at the gym. It's freaking me out every time I see him. I know he thinks I'm flirting with him because I can't not look at him. He's the same--except the eyes, cuz even God didn't duplicate those eyes of Greg's. The most beautiful eyes, next to my son's. Sigh. I love beautiful eyes, don't you? This is a guy who actually looks Mexican/Chinese. Shudder. The world is a strange, strange place.

That makes me think of my theory that God intends that the races mix because all the truly beautiful people (excluding Brad Pitt who is a whitey-white-white anomoly) are mixed race. I have a hunch that mixing races will save our species. Hmm. Sounds like a story idea. Prolly been done before.

Speaking of stories, I now have a finished draft of Hinterland.

That sounds like I sat down and wrote out one draft straight through. Truth? The book is about 2/3 heavily revised (happily, as time is short), thanks in part to the critique group and thanks in another part to myself. I was unable, for much of the book, to see a decent ending, so I searched for answers within revising. Ok, fuck, yeah, I was procrastinating.

The birthday came and went. My critique group cracks me up. "What are you? Like 22?" Ha! I got the best present of all when I went out Tuesday night with friends and PHF. The bouncer who was carding us looked at me and said, "Wow, what is your name?" He was pretty shocked to find I'm old enough to be his mother. But then, maybe he thought it was a fake ID.

We contemplated doing the 8 minute dating event, but they had already started. Not all of them looked like complete losers.

Then I met some Kappa Sigs, which cracked me up cuz my dad and bro were Kappa Sigs in school. When I told them that, one of them came over and danced with me quite gallantly even though PHF was right there. It brought back memories of how chivalrous the guys in PHF's fraternity were to me, especially when he was so sick that first year.

Speaking of Kappa Sigs, that was the house next to mine at school. At the reunion I met a guy (a husband), who not only went to my high school and graduated with me and also was a Kappa Sig. Weird, parallel lives. Never knew he existed.

I told him, "I saw you naked!!" At initiation the pledges used to streak through our house. All us spouses laughed all weekend about that.

We stayed out until two and my neighbors had the kids, so I couldn't get why PHF was waking me up at fucking 8:30 when I was so hungover (a pox on decent Long Island Iced Teas and all bartenders who make them), until he told me he had a day of relaxation planned for me: massage, lunch, pool, and fish and chips and Stella at the pub. (Real pints too, not those stupid gold rimmed wine glasses they keep serving it in.) I even got some firecrackers lit in honor of my birthday. It was a happy day.

I was supposed to finish up my birthday week by going to an SCA camping tournament, but my friend got quite ill and can't make it. I do so love to watch boys beat each other with sticks. Another time, perhaps. Instead I'm going to a guy's 40th birthday party and it's at the CU football stadium. And they're busing us.

The other thing I got for my birthday was a new Razor phone, so yes, if you need proof, I am cooler than you. Did you ever doubt it?

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