and people wonder why i drink

I am not having luck with people lately. I got yelled at by the school today for blocking traffic (they even announced over the loudspeaker that the "Red Jeep" needed to move) when clearly anyone who looked could see I was blocked in from the front as well. But, you know, when you're sitting back there in the rain waiting for three minutes, you've got your cell phone handy, and the only car you can see is the big red jeep somewhere ahead of you, apparently it's done to call the school and bitch.

So I called the school and bitched back.

There is no benefit of the doubt left in this world, no empathy, no thought that perhaps someone might have a good reason for doing something, even if it causes a slight delay. Never mind that it was raining, my kid was late coming out, I'd purposefully gotten there twenty minutes ahead to get a semi-decent place in line, other people were out of their cars, too, and that I had two little girls in the car that I didn't want out in the parking lot because god forbid they get hit by some asshole who's not paying attention to how they drive because they're on their cell phone calling the office to bitch about a car ahead of them.

People are assholes. They're fuckers. Even worse than old guys are mothers.

And people wonder why I'm an uncommunicative loner. Christ. Time to hole up again.

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