goal!!!!!!!!! just not ours

When I told a friend I was switching to Livejournal she goes, "Why are you changing your space?"

Why indeed?

I guess I'm stuck here at home(s) all summer and I'm looking for a switch-up, some virtual travel. So fuck it, I'll stay here. Warning though, I might do a remodel on this sight. The dots are getting to me.

US just lost to Ghana. Saw it down at the pub.

"Coors Light, Sex?" Jerry, the bartender, asked me.

"Naw," I said, "Just cherries for the little pooper."

Breakfast was awesome and we got to hear Cello commentate (our neighbor) and see some familiar faces. But the US largely sucked, and the reffing was painful. You know, in this case, Bush could have his uses. One phone call to the president (?)of Ghana: "We're looking to invade a country in Africa, we're not picky... any suggestions? Hmm, I guess it will depend upon who wins the game this morning..."

Taking my little Bush scenario into account, I've got this feeling that as far as the World Cup goes, US is a mere annoyance, just a reminder of what assholes we are on the world socio/political world stage. Best we're out of it. Think of the riots if we actually won the Cup.

Oh well, we never would've beat Brazil anyway, and Ghana will probably get theirs this evening. Question, though: now that they're out of it do the US jerseys go on sale for half price?

Not sleeping well. I started a short story yesterday, and I'm already in love with the character, but I've backed him into a corner. His name is Braedon. Poor Braedon. He's really getting his ass kicked.

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