and the horse you rode in on

I'm back here mostly cuz MySpace is just sort of... on my nerves. I'll leave the account running for those of you who haven't seen my ass yet, but let's face it. I'm too old for that shit. I'm actually thinking of moving over to livejournal with the other grups. I'll check it out when I get back.

I haven't written a word in three days. Wow. Longest stretch in almost four years. A true vacation, what do you know? Who'd a thunk it?

Anybody out there know what it takes to bury a horse?

A backhoe and about two hours.

I know cuz Bahhoo, my brother's horse, died this weekend. He was old, 25, and died with much drama, mostly cuz he's so damn big. When a 1500 pound animal hits the dirt, he makes a big thud. He was an old school horse enjoying a nice retirement at my brother's farm. Bye, Bahhoo, old guy. I'll write you into a story someday to commemorate your passing. Great name.

It is a bit difficult to thank your hosts for a great time when their horse died. I'm still thinking of just the right thing to say...

Still living on the farm is Maddie, another horse, four dogs, four cats, three goats, a mean turkey, two heee-uge rabbits, and a truckload of chickens.

Ok, off to the shower. I got boats to ride, lakes to swim, and beer to drink. And it's only Tuesday. Cheers suckas!

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