I've been watching Ghost Hunters, which has captured my interest despite my not really liking the people in TAPS. Now, doubtless I would call Jason and Co. if some evil spirit started waking me at night, but they're so East Coast. I mean, everything they fucking say is The Most Important Thing Ever Said In The History Of Mankind. Those of you who live West of Ohio get my meaning. Anyway, there was a marathon and in eight hours I heard some bangs and saw a running shadow down a long hall.

And then with no warning there was the heat image of a full-body apparition not two feet from those guys. I watched them try to debunk it, and they couldn't. The odd thing was the show camera was right on that spot as the heat sensor camera was recording that spot as well. The ghost nodded at the guys, inclined his head, as if in respect. I put my time in with them. They're skeptics; they believe, but that they require proof to state a place haunted, or even "active."

I believe the closest I ever got to seeing a ghost was at my Grandaddy's house after he died. The night before the funeral I had to sleep on the sofa downstairs, alone. Everyone else was upstairs. Well, I'd slept on that sofa for years, and Grandad would often wake in the night and sit in the adjacent chair. I always liked it as a kid. But I woke that night, facing the back of the sofa, and could not make myself turn around. Grandad was there, sitting in his chair. I have never been so freaking scared in my life, not when I was facing childbirth, not when I was hit by acar, not any other time.

Now I feel more as if I just let him down. I mean, the old guy came back to have one last sit, and I couldn't even turn around. Love you, Grandaddy.

I've been lifted in Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board. I was a favorite cuz I could be put into a trance so easily. This is something I'd love to try as an adult. I always came back to myself when my cheek hit the top of the inside of the tent.

I also had an astral projection experience with my husband when he was traveling. I was awake. No question. I don't dream much, and I generally know when it's a dream cuz it's not realistic or vivid. A man stood in my bedroom door and I was unable to move. But I wasn't frightened. PHF, I thought. He just felt... familiar. Then he walked toward the closet, just like he does all the time when getting back from a trip. "Just checking on you," says a friend, though PHF himself recalls nothing.

I'm doing some basic online research on the Ouija and it's brought to mind some odd experiences I had as a child while dabbling in the spiritual realm. The most vivid Ouija experience I had was in my friend's bedroom in the middle of the day. Two of us worked the board and one watched. The house was quiet and the room was sunlit and warm. I noticed no atmosphere change, but I had that feeling... an almost pleasant, deep tension, intense as the moments leading up to orgasm. Like that.

The spirit was not friendly. He was like the hot guy who buys you a drink but slips drugs into it before giving it to you. When he called himself Satan we cut the session off. The spirit told me I would live until I was 98. I've always believed that; Satan would know, right?

My brother's house in England was haunted. Every day at dusk, which changes with the seasons, of course, the back doors rattled, hard. They searched for an explanation, but never found one. Most people over there believe--a lot of the houses are old and a lot of their friends had experiences. I heard it myself, though I wasn't in the room at the time. We checked the clock, 4 o'clock, wintertime, and my sister-in-law said, "There he is."

Really smart, thinking people believe in another realm. For me, it's reasonable to assume likelihood. Just like aliens. Look at the all the stars overhead and consider the likelihood that we're it for the UNIVERSE. Right.

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