happy anniversary, hon

Feel free to go read a story of mine over at Baen's Universe Slush, which is where you can submit a story to the whims/comments/reading pleasure of the competition: ie, other writers also trying to break in. It's for unpub writers only. The link should take you to a login page, which doesn't take too much time. I'm rather fond of this futuristic piece about a US civil war over religion. I wrote it in one sitting while in a medicated fugue, and I think it's my best work to date because it pointed out my own personal curiosity. Good drugs, that.

The link to where you want to go is on the top right of the page. Some good stories in there.

I also filled my summer reading list. Between the eight books I ordered, all from authors I know in various degrees, crit group reading--especially the enjoyable read of my friend's first unpublished book, Electric Spec (cringe, a special sorry to our writers because I'm so behind on my reading there. Next week, I swear--I've had good excuses, truly!) and the New Yorker, whose cartoon characters whisper to me when I sleep ("I'm from April, for crying out loud!"), I'm set for the next several months. I forgot to order one book, The Assassins Dream by James Townsend. I promised him I'd read that months ago and damn it, I'm dangerously close to breaking that promise! Must get to Boulder Book Store.

In other news, this is my 15th anniversary. To think our Epic Adventure started with an 8 minute ceremony. Funny how I can't imagine my life any differently.

Oooo, there's a story in that, I think.

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