spring break blues

Thought I would round out my spring break (well, ok, my kid's spring break) with a little snowboarding and a movie. Instead I got the flu and a doggie who cut an artery in her foot by stepping on a nail. After midnight surgery and lots of Tylenol, we're doing ok.

I've been watching lots of tv, and despite my raging headache I had to get out of bed for a minute to stare at my computer screen instead. I'm sorry I've got no iluminating thoughts on world peace, or even war, to share. Seven back-to-back episodes of Scrubs and a movie based on the video game Doom has left me feeling more defeated than anything. Not that the movie's bad, far from it, and Scrubs is good for giggles.

Most of my deep thoughts are reserved for my fiction these days anyway. I'm rapidly arriving at that "slogging through a muddy jungle" stage of revisions on my book and I've just got to finish that story on Satan. He's haunting me, damn him.

Good news is: I'm no longer feeling as if I've got drunk spinners when I stand up, and my skin has left off that crawling flu itch (I dreamt I was ensconsed in velvet the other night--the only thing soft enough to let me sleep). Bad news: still no appetite (well, that's not all bad) and my throat is sore on one side. Demon flu--be gone!

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