have jeep, will kick ass

Today was the first official day of summer for me (and for you, too, cuz yeah, TWRAM. Did you ever doubt it?) Two reasons:

1. I drove the jeep all day, top down.
2. I was asked, for the first official time this year, have I been to a beach lately?

Of course, tomorrow we're due for snow and rain, but that's springtime in the Rockies.

Girls Night was interesting. Very... handsy. I met one guy who, every time he or I leaned in to say something, ran his hand up my back and into my hair. Besides the fact that he was messing up my hair, ick. I asked him where he was from and surprise, surprise, he was born and raised in San Jose, CA.

I came home and told PHF that I needed to be groped by someone I know, please. He was rather alarmed. But then when I asked him did the chics practically have sex on the dance floor when we were whippersnappers at clubs, he smiled and stared off into the deep blue sky of remembrance. "Yeah."

One man told me constantly how gorgeous I am. Well, duh, but it's nice to hear. He was a little disconcerted by the ice on my finger.

We did meet one cute boy outside the bar at closing (1:30, wtf??) who we wanted to bring home and keep in our closet. He tried desperately to convince us that he's not so innocent, and we laughed. Hahahahaha. He sorta looked like one of the Twins, what with the beer goggles and all.

Speaking of, they can't lifeguard at the pool this year because they got skin cancer, in the same place. Genetics are so fucking freaky. I wanted to say: Who are we going to look at all summer? But I was good. What I said was: Who's going to watch our kids while we drink all summer?

This week is busy busy busy with reading all the fabulous stories held over for voting. I sort of dreaded it, frankly, but I got so caught up in all these stories that a whole afternoon passed without my realizing. The reading is fun, the deciding is not so much. We'll get there, I suppose. If I could only find one I don't like...

and an honorable mention to Death Cab for Cutie for these lyrics:

But if heaven and hell deccide that they both are satisfied
And illuminate the NOs on their vacancy signs
If there's no one beside you when your soul embarks
then I'll follow you into the dark

Ben, you're giving me chills, man.

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