Today in church (that ought to scare off the Middle Eastern "sex scene" lurkers, heh) I read that the sacrifice is supposed to be one of the flesh, which is why so many people give us Coke and sugar and oregano. No, really, I heard it on NPR. This guy gave up oregano one year, and this year it's pumpkin seeds. Anyway, it makes sense. Jesus gave up all his flesh, right? That's how the story goes. Anyway, I'm giving up snacks for Lent.

So today I'm in Walmart (God, I hate that store, but they've got an exclusive on Big Bob's innertubes) with my ash cross (try not to think Ashcroft) on my forehead, and I pass by one of the pastors at my church. He doesn't know me cuz we have like 3500 members or something, and I never go. But anyway, he stared at me like I was nuts. Like I was nuts, people.

I even got a good cross and everything, centered and not smudgy, and he didn't have one.

But then, maybe he got a bad one and was jealous.

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