foreskin is not a birth defect

My big 'puter is busted and in hospital, so I'm not making the blog rounds as usual. I just don't have all the links on my laptop. Kinda miss you guys, but I'm hot and heavy in revisions, and now that Jaim is going to be silver, based on this guy I saw last night, the work has just expanded exponentially.

I also saw another character from my book last night at the pub, Raevan (he's gonna get a new name at some point, but for now he's Raevan). Dark hair, pale, aristocratic features, so haughty it hinders his handsomeness. Excellent version. So fun to see your characters alive and kicking.

We saw a drunk chic escorted out. The bouncers had their arms crossed over their chests and never touched her, though she struggled. They just made a little wedge of stern male humanity and herded her. The dance floor was full of cute guys and available females who were congratulating themselves on the fine pickins. We could see, from our vantage above the dance floor, that all the guys were gay and that the girls would go home wondering why they never hooked up. The gay guys were the most fun, though I could never worm my way up to them to dance. The floor was too crowded even for me , and I can filter through crowds like a ghost.

We also saw a raucous fight while smoking a Pal Mal, though over what I don't know. The guy got thrown through the fence of the patio--well the latice at the top anyway. He narrowly missed a tree, but managed to take an empty hanging planter with him. The bouncers were too late for that one. God, I wish I could fight. It's messy and bloody, but it's alive. They say you're more alive in the moment before you die than any other of your life. This guy wasn't going to die, but copious amounts of blood shows us our mortality like nothing else in this world.

Aight. Off to the antique show.

Oh, and the title? A little comment on the men's bathroom wall.

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