i had a title picked out but legal advised against it

I suppose I should write something this week. Hmm. Been a weird week. I'm nursing a pulled calf muscle, which has me gimping and icing and whining. Not that it'll keep me from the slopes this weekend. It's the Olympics, ride through the pain! We're half- buried out here, and word is, it's thicker up top. Powder, here I come. Problem is, it's also about ten degrees. Fuck it, I'll throw on another layer and worry about frostbite later. The cold will keep my calf from hurting so bad.

And seriously, there's nothing like snow with beer. Ok, chocolate chip cookies with beer. There is that.

I got some work submitted, with more on the way. It always feels more "professional" to get stuff out there. I also found one awesome story for ElectricSpec, and I felt that oft poetically waxed tug of hope that keeps one tramping through the slush. Pretty sure I've got an inbox full of more stories. Guess I'll take 'em up and work.

I haven't posted cuz I really haven't had much to say. If you haven't caught on to that by now your homework is to reread and write a one page essay on the most common search that leads a horny Pakistani to my site. You think I'm kidding, but it's out there.

One attempt at a post started: I'm still in my jammies, the thrill of which, of course, depends on the jammies. I'll just leave that bit to your imagination.

I am determined to hit the Lariat this weekend, which is always good for a post or two, so we'll put off real entertainment until next week. Rock on, people. Rock on.

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